Cheek Cell DNA Extraction

Using Cytobrush

  1. Use sterile cytobrush and insert into mouth
  2. brush cytobrush on inside of cheek 25 times
  3. Swirl cytobrush in 100 μl of Chelex suspension (10% w/v)
  4. Place centrifuge tube with Chelex and cell suspension on 100 °C heat block for 10 minutes
  5. Centrifuge tubes at maximum speed for 5 minutes
  6. DNA is in the supernatant. (avoid beads at bottom)
  7. Store DNA in -20 °C

PCR with PCR Beads

  1. Add 22 μl of primer mix (forward and reverse) to beads
  2. Ensure that the the bead is dissolved
  3. Add 3 μl of DNA